LED Light Source


Hinds Instruments has developed a system utility LED Light Source for both PEM applications and general use. These high output light sources utilize high power LED modules packaged with a constant current driver and cooling fan for optimal life and output.

The standard solution comes with an SMA fiber optic adapter that can be positioned relative to the LED element for maximum light throughput. The post-mountable housing includes features compatible with common industry opto-mechanical cage systems. The system includes a universal power supply and wiring instructions for embedding the module using your own power supply. A 12 month limited liability warranty is standard on all solutions.


Standard Wavelengths Available (nominal):

• 655nm
• 620nm
• 590nm
• 530nm
• 445nm


• Custom Wavelength and Multicolored Solutions
• Active Thermal Management (Junction Cooling and Control)
• Spectrum Output Monitor
• Other Fiber Optic Connections
• Free Space Solutions
• Collimation and Custom Optics
• Pulsed / Strobe Functionality
• Custom interface assemblies and OEM Solutions