Ocean Optics offers accessories for modular and turnkey Raman systems, including laser safety glasses, sample holders and other useful tools for Raman applications.

  • Laser safety glasses have high OD and are available for use with various Raman laser excitation wavelengths.
  • Several Raman sample holder options are available for use with probes and cuvettes.
  • Vials and other accessories are available for use with IDRaman systems.

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  • Excellent laser light protection – up to 7+ OD-rated blocking capability
  • Multiple options – available for use with laser excitation wavelengths from 532 nm-1064 nm
  • Great visibility – designed for direct or diffuse viewing

Substraty SERS









  • Flexible – convenient tools for Raman sampling of liquids and solids
  • Multipurpose holder option – holder is adjustable for Raman, fluorescence and more
  • Adjustable – accommodates various sizes of probes and cuvettes

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