Raman lasers are available in a variety of excitation wavelengths, although 532 nm and 785 nm excitation are among the most typically specified. Excitation at 785 nm minimizes the fluorescence signal, making it useful for chemical identification and fingerprinting. Also, excitation at 785 nm generates well defined peaks for use in chemometric analysis and can provide semi-quantitative data.

For applications where C-OH structural information is important, laser excitation at 532 nm is a good option. Such measurements are typical of biological and pharmaceutical sample analysis, where researchers study characteristics of active ingredients, binders, fillers, lubricants and excipients.

Raman spectroscopy requires laser sources with spectral purity and wavelength stability. Our Raman lasers use an innovative stabilization technology that provides extremely narrow wavelengths that remain locked at the desired excitation wavelength regardless of ambient temperature changes. These high-power excitation sources combine integrated laser drivers and thermoelectric coolers in a compact footprint. Lasers are available for various excitation wavelengths and can be used as turnkey or integrated laser packages.

Turnkey Raman Lasers









  • Integrated laser package – turnkey solution with integrated laser drive, TEC cooled electronics and safety switches
  • Multiple options – available in 532 nm,785 nm and other Raman excitation wavelengths
  • Adjustable output power – options for manual or remote control of laser drive current

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Multimode Raman Laser Subsystems


  • Multimode laser package – ideal for integrating into other devices for Raman spectroscopy
  • Multiple options – available in 532 nm,785 nm and other Raman excitation wavelengths
  • Great stability – integrated laser driver and TEC controller