Oprogramowanie ramanowskie


Ocean Optics offers several analytical chemistry software packages for applications in R&D, forensics labs and academic research labs.

Spectral Data for Materials Identification










Ocean Optics offers Raman spectral data libraries for use with our IDRaman mini 2.0.

  • Dedicated Libraries – libraries specifically developed to work with the IDRaman Mini II
  • Chemicals, materials and explosives – libraries for over 10,000 compounds available
  • Wide range of applications – specialist and generalist libraries available to suit specific application areas

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Analyze IQ Chemistry Software










Analyze IQ software is a great complement to your modular Ocean Optics Raman system for spectral analysis and chemometrics.

  • Raman analysis – chemometrics and spectral analysis for modular Raman setups
  • Identify mixtures – proprietary methods analyze target substances in mixtures
  • Spectral library add-on – spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more