Spektrometry ramanowskie


Raman spectroscopy requires detection that balances sensitivity and signal to noise with resolution. These spectrometers do so elegantly, each optimized for a particular type of application. Our Maya2000Pro and QEPro spectrometers can be custom-configured to your exact excitation wavelength, resolution, range and sensitivity requirements, while their preconfigured versions and our Ventana series are ideal for 532 nm or 785 nm excitation





Maya2000 Pro

Maya2000 Pro

QE Pro

QE Pro



Laser 785nm, 532nm, wybór różnych długości fal
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Spektrometry skonfigurowane Maya 2000 Pro-NIR (785 i 808 nm) QE Pro-Raman (785 nm)

Ventana 532

Ventana 785

Ventana 785L

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Zastosowanie szczególne The Maya2000 Pro is a good general purpose, configurable spectrometer for Raman, combining a low stray light optical design with an uncooled back-thinned FFT-CCD detector for enhanced sensitivity that is value- priced. High quantum efficiency in the NIR makes it an excellent choice for long-wavelength Raman. Długie długości fal ramanowskich o silnym sygnale

This high sensitivity, configurable spectrometer yields the highest quality Raman spectra, both in resolution and signal to noise. Designed with gold-coated mirrors and a back-thinned FFT-CCD detector cooled to -15 °C, it offers a low noise floor even at long integration times. Its ability to deliver sharp peaks from very weak Raman signals makes it an excellent choice when your exact application needs are undefinedSłabe sygnały ramanowskie,

przy stosowanych długich czasach integracji

The Ventana series of preconfigured spectrometers are designed specifically for Raman spectroscopy. By using a volume phase grating and a lower f/# than our other spectrometers (f/1.3 vs. f/4), they deliver higher throughput for fast measurements. This is further enhanced by control of the detector temperature at +15 °C, keeping the noise floor consistent for applications at short integration times

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