Laser tulowy na szkle Tm:Glass



InnoLas Photonics  projektuje i produkuje najwyższej jakości źródła laserowe do zastosowań naukowych i przemysłowych. Lasery te to gwarancja doskonałego wykończenia produktu, niezawodności i najlepszych parametrów wiązki.

  • Technologie laserowe do produkcji przemysłowej 24/7.
  • Produkty z zakresu UV do IR do 50W TEM00
  • Lasery Mini DPSS
  • Lasery Q-switched o wysokiej częstotliwości repetycji do 500 kHz
  • Lasery o ultrakrótkim impulsie AC lub 24 V DC
  • Dostosowane modele OEM dla integratorów

Laser femtosekundowy tulowy na szkle Tm:Glass


Femtosekundowy laser Tm:Glass

The FEMTO extends our broad product portfolio of Q-switched DPSS lasers  with a novel type of industrial ultra short pulse laser, available in 1950 nm. The all fiber based USP laser is engineered for demanding 24/7 applications that require outstanding performance.

Laser head, power supply and control electronics are integrated in a rugged, compact „All-in-One Block“ of strengthened, machined aluminum for highest stability. The new design cuts down system costs significantly without any trade-offs in quality or laser lifetime. 48 VDC operating voltage and InnoLas Photonics´ field proven Laser Control Interface enable a simple and easy integration of the system. An integrated pulse picker / modulator is included for fast pulse and fast power control commands.


  • „All in One Block“ design
  • 48 VDC supply voltage
  • Engineered for 24/7 use
  • Integrated pulse picker / modulator
  • Pulse duration 500fs – 4ps, software adjustable (1030nm, 515nm)
  • Short pulse and long pulse versions available (1950nm)
  • Rep Rate from single shot to several MHz
  • Pulse-on-demand Option
  • Burst mode Option


Type Wawelength Power Peak Power Repetition Rate Spatial Mode Pulse Width Pulse Energy
1950-8-T-2500 1950 nm
8W @ 2500kHz 8 MW Single Shot to 2500kHz M² < 1.5, TEM00 500 fs +/- 100 fs 4µJ @ 2000kHz
1950-8-T-2500-LP 1 MW 4 fs +/- 1 fs



  • Diamond Tooling
  • LED / Displays
  • Medical / BioTech
  • Photovoltaics
  • Resistor Trimming
  • ​​Semiconductor



  • Pulse on demand, burst mode
  • Beam delivery optics
  • Purge units
  • Beam expander box
  • Scan head adapter flanges
  • Water-to-water or water-to-air chiller


  • Customized laser performance
  • Branded laser design
  • Laser interfacing
  • Branded laser control software
  • Special laser developments


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