Lipiec 2018

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Nowe spektrometry w ofercie Ocean Optics

Ocean FX, Ocean HDX , Wave Go, MZ5 .... niesamowita jakość nowych produktów.

Lipiec 2018

Nowe Promocje
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Okres wakacyjny w Ocean Optics obfituje w nowe promocje: skonfigurowane spektrometry z 10% rabatem, "trade-in" czyli czas wymienić stary spektrometr na lepszy.

Lipiec 2018

Nowości w LUMERICAL Inc.
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Uniwersytet Lumericala to cykl darmowych szkoleń, w tym miesiącu także zmiany w ofercie produktowej. Wkrótce na naszej stronie

Ostatnie dni promocji TRADE-IN w Ocean Optics
Zamień stary spektrofotometr na Ocean FX, Ocean HDX lub QE Pro
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Custom Configurations


Exicor® has been designed to be adaptable and customized.  We pioneered nm range industrialized birefringence measurement and recognized early that polarization analysis, especially birefringence measurements, was dominated by new and custom endeavors.  We designed our products accordingly!

The varied and proprietary nature of our customers' processes dictate that we be able to adapt in a quick and cost effective way.  We have designed our systems to be modular by developing optical and electronic subsystems that can be quickly configured with minimal NRE (‘Non-Recurring Engineering’) fees.  We have specialized in, and pride ourselves on, the ability to quickly develop new systems.

We understand that the application of our technology can give our customers a distinct advantage in today’s highly competitive global economy.  This is why we manufacture over three dozen different models in the Exicor family of products.  Over two dozen of these models are custom configurations that have been designed to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

The flexibility of Exicor makes it the tool that will help you take your products and materials to the next level of competiveness and profitability!




The Exicor NEXUS Program

  • Our engineers work with you to understand and optimize birefringence measurements needs within your actual application environment.


High Speed Scanning

  •  Hinds Scan in MotionTM


Custom Software

  • Special Features and Calculations
  • Custom UI elements (Graphs, Process Fields, Reports, etc.)
  • Process/Scan Automation Macros
  • Stress Optic Coefficient Calculations
  • Remote Interface Modules
  • DLLs


Custom Wavelengths

  • ATS – Spectroscopic (R,G,B)
  • Special Wavelengths and Light Sources (DUV, VIS, NIR)


Custom Mechanical

  • Mountings and Brackets
  • Gantry Frames
  • Stages and Motion Control


Special Optical Configurations

  • Compact Optical Systems
  • Reflective Path
  • Surface Polarization Properties


Mueller Polarization Parameters

  • Linear Retardation and Orientation (Standard Linear Birefringence)
  • Linear Diattenuation and Orientation
  • Circular Diattenuation
  • Optical Rotation


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