Lipiec 2018

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Nowe spektrometry w ofercie Ocean Optics

Ocean FX, Ocean HDX , Wave Go, MZ5 .... niesamowita jakość nowych produktów.

Lipiec 2018

Nowe Promocje
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Okres wakacyjny w Ocean Optics obfituje w nowe promocje: skonfigurowane spektrometry z 10% rabatem, "trade-in" czyli czas wymienić stary spektrometr na lepszy.

Lipiec 2018

Nowości w LUMERICAL Inc.
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Uniwersytet Lumericala to cykl darmowych szkoleń, w tym miesiącu także zmiany w ofercie produktowej. Wkrótce na naszej stronie

Ostatnie dni promocji TRADE-IN w Ocean Optics
Zamień stary spektrofotometr na Ocean FX, Ocean HDX lub QE Pro
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Sondy ramanowskie


Ocean Optics offers a variety of InPhotonics fiber optic probes for your Raman application requirements. These RIP model probes are designed for optimum signal collection with effective filtering of the excitation laser wavelength to ensure best results. Probes are available for 532 nm, 785 nm and custom excitation wavelengths and can be used in laboratory and industrial environments.

  • General Purpose Probes are ideal for routine lab measurements of liquids and solids.
  • Immersion Probes are designed for analyzing solutions in situ, with standard and ruggedized options available.
  • Process Probes are optimized for use in industrial environments, with temperature- and pressure-resistant probe body materials and optical components.

Sondy przemysłowe










  • Process-ready design – extension tube separates optics from high temperature environments
  • In situ measurements – immerse tube in process streams without affecting probe optics
  • Short working distance – choice of working distance from 0.5 mm to 6 mm
  • Deep laser line blocking – OD 8 attenuation of the Rayleigh line


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Sondy zanurzeniowe

  • In situ analysis – immerse probes directly into solutions for real-time measurements
  • Lab and process versions – probe designs for variety of immersion environments
  • Adjustable working distance – change working distance for clear or turbid solutions
  • Deep laser line blocking – OD 8 attenuation of the Rayleigh line

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Sondy ramanowskie ogólnego zastosowania


  • Versatile – options for wide range of Raman spectroscopy laboratory applications
  • High performance – strong signal collection and high OD laser line filtering
  • Safety shutter options – RPB series probes include manual safety shutter
  • Deep laser line blocking – OD 6-8 attenuation of the Rayleigh line, depending on part number

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