Lipiec 2018

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Nowe spektrometry w ofercie Ocean Optics

Ocean FX, Ocean HDX , Wave Go, MZ5 .... niesamowita jakość nowych produktów.

Lipiec 2018

Nowe Promocje
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Okres wakacyjny w Ocean Optics obfituje w nowe promocje: skonfigurowane spektrometry z 10% rabatem, "trade-in" czyli czas wymienić stary spektrometr na lepszy.

Lipiec 2018

Nowości w LUMERICAL Inc.
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Uniwersytet Lumericala to cykl darmowych szkoleń, w tym miesiącu także zmiany w ofercie produktowej. Wkrótce na naszej stronie

Ostatnie dni promocji TRADE-IN w Ocean Optics
Zamień stary spektrofotometr na Ocean FX, Ocean HDX lub QE Pro
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 W naszej ofercie lampy kalibracyjne długości fal i radiometryczne firmy Ocean Optics.



Kalibracja radiometryczna

 Radiometric calibrated light sources are carefully measured and characterized to deliver a known quantity of light with a very low uncertainty. Whether it is for the highest level of traceability when working with regulatory agencies in food or pharmaceuticals or for new instrument design where accurate comparison as a necessity, radiometric calibrated standards deliver the data you trust.

Using well-know and traceable standard materials, the light source you purchase is measured to these reference points. This creates an unbroken chain of traceability providing you with the highest quality and most reliable data.

Since each component of a calibrated system carries a small amount of error or uncertainty, your particular light source has to be carefully and individually characterized. Your system is analyzed statistically and compared to well-known references and the resulting calibration data for your radiometric source is defined on a certificate that explains each contribution to uncertainty and how that influences each calibration data point.

Our commitment doesn’t stop with a certificate and data. Our team of application engineers will take the time to explain the subtle nuances of radiometric calibration and help you understand why this level of detail is so important for some measurements.

Our radiometric calibrated sources cover the UV to the near-IR. Let us help you find the right source for your traceable measurement needs. Radiometric calibration services are also available.

UV-Vis-NIR Radiometric Calibrated Light Sources Vis-NIR Radiometric Calibrated Light Sources
DH-3 and DH-3 plus Family HL-3 and HL-3 plus Family
DH-2000-CAL Family HL-2000-CAL Family

Kalibracja długości fal

The emission lines from atomic lamps are the most reliable standards for wavelength calibration. Resulting from atomic level transitions, these emission lines are intrinsic to the source and therefore are primary standards, requiring no calibration themselves. Atomic emission is almost infinitely narrow; meaning the position of the emission line can be accurate to 0.001 nm. This high level of accuracy and reliability make these lamps ideal for procedures from routine checks of instrument performance to total recalibration of a spectrometer.

Available in configurations that span the UV to the near-IR, choose a calibration source or use a combination of different sources that match with your analytical wavelengths of interest and span your entire measurement range. These calibration sources operate with either a 12 VDC power supply (included with the source) or 9V battery.


Calibration Source Type Wavelength Range
HG-1 Calibration SourceHG-1 Mercury Argon 253 – 1700 nm
KR-1KR-1 Krypton 427 – 893 nm
NE-1NE-1 Neon 540 – 754 nm
AR-1AR-1 Argon 696 – 1704 nm
XE-1XE-1 Xenon 916 – 1984 nm




Wavelength Calibration Cuvette Holder Adapter